If you can see this page, we're now looking for ambassadors for the 2015 season!

What is a Chimps in Training ambassador? I'm so glad you asked. Chimps in Training is new. There aren't many people who know about us and there are fewer people who employ our philosophy. Enter: Chimps in Training Ambassador.

It will be your job to spread the good word. To teach your own specialized and highly-personal world that bike racing isn't just about embarking on the journey set forth before each vagabond racer as they find their own paths of enlightenment. It's about the fun. the laughs. the friends. the camaraderie. It's about all that and so much more.

In return, well, let's just say you may want to throw out the glasses in your kitchen in exchange for a full set of bidons with the steep discount you'll be enjoying. Also, all the digital paraphernalia you could ever need for your kit/website/tamagotchi. 

Apply here. Include some form of "Ambassador" in the subject and be sure to include a compelling argument!