• Image of The Chapeau

You pull back the shades. It's still dark. Of course it is - it's only 4:35.

The sun will come. It always does. It will set the day aflame, enveloping all it touches, warming the road. Warming you.

Light will come. With it, your ability to see. your hands. your legs. the road. All of this made discernible by the sun-blocking effects of your donned chapeau.

You walk to the mirror and admire the image staring back at you: the carefully matched cap to socks to bidon. With a slight tug on your brim, you synergize the confidence that didn't exist mere moments earlier. Throwing your leg over the top tube, you drink in the crisp morning air as your cleat meets its retainer with a resounding 'click'.

Handmade by Gary Rothera in Austin, Texas, the caps utilize a Nike Dri-fit material. They are supremely comfortable, as well as energetically charged.

Free pickup/drop-off in NYC. Just ask.