• Image of The Original Kit

You know why you went with the Ambassador kit just as well as we do. There are only two possible explanations.

The first being that you crush your opponents so often, so regularly and so fully that their devoured souls now dwell in your overdeveloped legs and slightly-malnourished torso. As such, you choose the #professionallyamateur Ambassador Kit to accentuate your gargantuan guns. Chapeau.

The other reason, which is just as vain as the first (the aesthete is, after all, more important than the athlete), is to cultivate your razor-sharp tan lines, at both the ceiling and the basement. Once again, chapeau.

This is #kitdoping to the fullest degree. Created with artistic input from marketing specialists, architecture nerds and a #deuxnorth Hunter.

If you are an ambassador, email Chimpsintraining@gmail.com to arrange an Ambassador package. Otherwise, scroll up and add a kit to your cart. Or two. Nobody's watching.

Some notes:
* Free pickup/drop-off in NYC/Northern NJ area.
* Kits are made to order - please allow about a month for production.
* Please ask any questions you may have regarding size before placing your order, then specify your size in your notes.

Any other questions, just ask.